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Wedding Traditions Explained: Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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We’re back at it, explaining the history of some common wedding traditions! In case you missed our past posts, we’ve already looked at how bridal showers began and the surprising meaning behind the bridal bouquet. Today, we’re going to discuss bridesmaids and groomsmen, who played a bit of a different role throughout history.

In current times, brides and grooms depend on their bridesmaids and groomsmen for wedding planning assistance, moral support, and, of course, epic bachelor and bachelorette parties. But in Roman times, bridesmaids were there to protect the bride from evil spirits that were believed to exist. The bridesmaids and bride all dressed identically to confuse the spirits. Plus, wearing the same outfit also helped prevent any rejected suitors from kidnapping the bride. This tradition somewhat remains today with bridesmaids all wearing the same dress. Although if anyone dressed like the bride at her wedding, I don’t think she’d be very pleased.

In Anglo-Saxon tradition, groomsmen acted as the bride’s bodyguards. Originally known as bride’s knights, they ensured the bride arrived at the wedding safely. They also allowed the bride and groom to run away together if the bride’s family happened to oppose the marriage by protecting the two lovebirds from the unhappy relatives.

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Double Birthday Bash

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The Showroom on Hubbard was recently transformed into the ideal space for Sam and Lori’s double birthday party! We arranged the space so there would be plenty of room for guests to dance to what was deemed a very special playlist. Sam and Lori also greatly enjoyed decorating the space to make it their own and even created a photo booth station! The guests’ joy and laughter filled the space all night and made for quite a memorable evening. Please enjoy some of their celebratory photos below. Happy birthday to these two lovely women!

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